Overview over reminders

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Overview over reminders

Use the "Display areas" button to show your reminders in the Project Manager:


You can also use the menu item "Window" and with the displayed key combination as a separate dialog box. This allows you to quickly check which reminders are due while working.


You can not create new reminders in this dialog. Please proceed as described in the chapter "Creating a new reminder". Likewise, the completed reminders are never stored in the system. They serve purely as a reminder function and are deleted after completion. If you need to document the activity in your memory, you will need to create a task instead.

Functions within the dialog

Double-click on the reminder type to open the corresponding object. In the exemplary screenshot, the corresponding project is opened (project properties). The menu item "Open" also opens the properties of the object (project properties, customer data, task details) of the highlighted reminder.


In the menu bar, you can also start the project directly in the project manager. The focus jumps to the project in the project manager.



There are several filters and grouping options available in the reminder dialog. Group the view e.g. by object type, filter by the due date, or set a filter to the reminder type, so that For example, only the customer reminders are displayed. You can save every view. Select in the menu item "View" -> "Save as" and assign a descriptive name.