Export and import possibilities

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Export and import possibilities

Xpert-Timer offers various ways to import and export data, which we will discuss in more detail below:


Client import

Import and Export in XTAdmin

Import from emails in outlook or Thunderbird

Export to Excel


The client manager offers you the possibility to import existing customer lists into Xpert-Timer. The following import formats are available: import of customer lists via .csv, import from Outlook (add-on module: Outlook module) as well as the import from vCard. Detailed information on customer import can be found in the chapter Client import.


The XTAdmin offers you the possibility to import data in text format (csv) into Xpert-Timer. During export, the data is saved in XML format. Please note that only the user XTADMIN can import or export data. Details on import and export in XTAdmin can be found in the chapter Import and Export in XTAdmin.


After activating the Outlook / Thunderbird module, the Outlook buttons in the task list are visible to the user. This allows you to either export emails to Outlook and Thunderbird or import emails into the task list. Please read the chapter "Outlook / Thunderbird and tasks" in this manual and the chapter Importing E-Mails from Outlook and Thunderbird.


In many areas of the Xpert-Timer, you can export your data to Excel for further processing. To do this, the Excel export has to be activated in the configuration. You will find the setting in the Advanced -> General area. After activation, buttons for Excel export are available in many areas. If you do not see them, they may be hidden. By right-clicking on the button bar you can show the export button. Further details can be found in the chapter Export to Excel.