Automated time tracking - the time bar

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Automated time tracking - the time bar

The time bar is the cockpit of your Xpert-Timer. Instead of having the program manager open all the time, it is enough to just have the time bar on your screen. It helps you to keep an eye on your time.



The time bar displays the following information:


1.Finish your working day: You'll need this, if you run your computer 24 hours. Xpert-Timer needs to be finished, when you end your working day.

2.Start / Pause / Stop your project

3.With Quick Start, you can instantly take a time measurement without first selecting a customer or project.

4.Jump back to the last projects used. You'll see a list of the last used projects.

5.Show projects with shortcut: If you have assigned projects with hotkeys, they will be listed here

6.Favorites: Here you can see the projects that you have assigned to the favorites list.

7.Open you project manager with one click

8.Client management: Open your address management here

9.The Task Manager displays all your To-Dos.

10.Reporting: Click here to get directly to the reporting dialog

11.Search for project: Click here to search for a project or hit WIN+Space

12.Send an e-mail report to keep your coworkers up to date with the status of your project

13. Create new project

14.Call log: List of recent phone calls if telephony module is activated

15. User name: This is the user, logged into Xpert-Timer

16. Enter data retrospectively to time stamps

17. Edit timestamp

18. Tasks: Here you can see how many tasks are attached to your project

19. Documents: Here you can see how many documents are attached to your project.

20. Name of your current project and context menu with the associated sub projects

21. Project progress: This is the actual project progress.

22. Spent time: what percentage you have already used up from your originally estimated time.

23. Countdown of the time you estimated you would need for the project.

24. The time that is actually been tracked for the project.

25. Your costs that have occurred so far.

26. The total work time you've worked today

If you right-click on the time bar buttons, you will get a context menu that lets you decide which buttons you want to display and which not.



You can also change the font size or button size as well as the display of your time bar in the configuration.


Use of a touchscreen

If you operate the Xpert-Timer with a touch screen, we recommend setting the button size to "Large". This allows you to start and stop projects better with your finger.



When you start the Xpert-Timer for the first time, you will see the following in the time bar:


The displayed time (0:01) is hours: minutes. No seconds are recorded in Xpert-Timer.

By right-clicking with the mouse on the minute display you get the following menu:



The session's total indicates how many minutes ago you started your project.

The daily total shows how much time you have already booked on projects today.

The subproject total shows the total time of the current subproject.

The total project sum shows the sum of times of all sub-projects of a main project.

The Running task option allows you to view the currently stopped time on a task.

Right-clicking on the total daily time opens another menu:


Here you can create an addendum, edit or split an active timestamp.


Start the project retroactively

Did you activate the option "Start projects with Ctrl retroactively" in the configuration and forgot to switch to another project? Then hold down the Ctrl key and select a new project. You will then be asked at what time this project should start. The "old" project is thus ended at this time and the "new" project starts from the specified time.


In the project manager, you can hide or show the time bar using the "time bar" button. There is also the option to automatically hide the time bar if you have not started a project. Please note that you can then open the project manager via the clock symbol in your task bar or via Windows + F7. (With Windows 10, you may have set a different keyboard shortcut.)





Action menu

Press the keyboard shortcut combination that you have set in the configuration + x to open the action menu of the Xpert-Timer with the most important functions.


You can call up this menu at any time, no matter in which area of ​​the program you are currently located: