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Tips & Tricks


Context menus

There are many object-related context menus in Xpert-Timer, which you open with a right click. These menus usually provide you with advanced editing options in all lists or views, e.g. projects or tasks.





Action menu

Press CTRL+Alt+X (or the keyboard shortcut you stored in the configuration), and the action menu with the most important functions will open up.





Start project retroactively

Did you activate the option start projects with CTRL retroactively in the configuration and forgot to start the project? Then just hold down the CTRL key and select a new project. You will then be asked what time this project should start.  The ''old'' project will be ended with that and the ''new'' project will start at that specific time.







Directly type in the comments in the time stamps

The comment for the timestamp can easily be edited by pushing F2 or clicking in the comment field. You can as well copy the comment or insert a text phrase. For that just right click into the comment section.




Hint for entering times

Xpert-Timer has an intelligent quick entry, 20 m will be understood as 20 minutes, 0,5h will be understood as half an hour. You can also just use the traditional format 2:20 as two hours and 20 minutes.





The favorites list

Xpert-Timer also has a favorites list in which you can display all important projects. This will make it easier to switch between projects




lightbulb_on Multiple selection in the project manager

You have created your project list and now want to assign a certain progress to all projects, then you can do this by multiple selection with the mouse and a right click within the corresponding column.





Create task package

Using task packages, you can tie recurring tasks to a package and assign them to a specific project using drag&drop