Project - start

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Project - start

Xpert-Timer was designed to track your time on projects and tasks easily and fast. As soon as you've created your first project in Xpert-Timer you can start timing.

Start the project using the button in your project manager.

Mark the project you want to start and hit one of the two "Play" buttons in your project manager. The top one also includes a drop down option to start a project retroactively or with a comment, while the bottom one is simply a play button with no other features. You can use either or.


Start a project in your timebar

You can also use your "Play" button on your timebar.


Start your project with keyboard shortcuts

You can assign "Quick access shortcuts" to your projects in order to start them with one keyboard combination. In order to do so, right-click on the project and use "Set quick access2.


Start projects from the timestamp list

You can mark a timestamp in your timestamp list and start the linked projects by hitting the start button in your project list.


Other options to start a project

Your project favorite list: Simply click on the project you want to start in your list.


Dropdown Menu on the start button in your project manager:



Start projects retroactively

Here you can start your projects retroactively. You can use this function in case you forgot to start timing a project. Choose the project you want to change to, then choose "Start project retroactively" and you'll be prompted to enter the finish time of the last project and the start time of the new project. This saves you the time of editing timestamps afterwards.

Start project with comment

In case you want to add a comment to the project immediately, you can do so by using this function. If you always want to enter a comment on the project start, you should set it in your project setting.

Always start projects with comment

In case you work on a projects today, where you always want to enter a comment on project start. Choose this option. Note, that this option is only valid for the current day. Tomorrow you need to set the setting again.