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Here is a typical network configuration using Xpert-Timer SyncServer.


Your employees are constantly on the road?

Perfect! The recorded data can now be synchronized via internet through the XTSyncServer  with the central database in the company. A VPN tunnel is no longer necessary.


How do you exchange data?

The XTSyncServer (https://download.xperttimer.de/XTInstSyncserver.exe) is receiving the data from the Internet through the router.

The XTSyncServer can be setup as a service or a .exe you have to execute. In companies with a server structure, we recommend using it as a service on the server because then it's possible to exchange data at all times.


Where do we decided how to synchronize?

If a synchronization file is created and activated on the laptop of the employee, you can choose which way to synchronize data in the menu "Program"  -> "Synchronize database". In the synchronization dialog you can then choose to use the XTSyncServer or a direct database connection (LAN or VPN) for the synchronization.

If you want to synchronize from your mobile Android App "Xpert-Timer Mobile", you don't need the synchronization file, but you need to enter the Sync-ID in your App instead.

Please note, that you can synchronize your Android data also using the Local Area Network. You don't necessarily need to open Ports for the XTSyncServer to synchronize.


What are the requirements to use the web server?

To use the synchronization via the internet or for your Android App, you need the XTSyncServer.