Step by step installation guide for XTSyncServer Service

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Step by step installation guide for XTSyncServer Service

1.Install the current version of Xpert-Timer Pro and connect to your database (MS-SQL, Access or MySQL) that you've created during the setup of Xpert-Timer.

2.Download the setup (XTInstSyncServer.exe) for the XTSyncServer and run the installation wizard.

3.Start XTSyncServer Service (this program should start automatically after the setup). If you don't own the necessary user access rights, a pop up dialog will tell you so. In this case you need to restart the XTSyncServer with administrator rights.

4.First you have to establish the connection between Xpert-Timer SyncServer Service and Xpert-Timers' database. To do so, please point to the configuration and choose the tab "Database". Please note, that you can only connect to your SQL Database using a username and password (you might need to create a new user in your database). For security reasons the Windows authentification will not work.

5. Point to the tab "General" in your Xpert-Timer SyncServer Service dialog and enter your connection details to the server. Now, test the connection. Please note, that the port of your local firewall must be open. In order to configure your firewall point to Windows -> Run / Execute -> firewall.cpl. In the settings, enter your XT SyncServer Service (XTWebserverService.exe) as a trusted program.

6.Save the settings and restart the service.

7.If you connect to your database through the internet, you have to open your ports in the firewall (e.g. through UPnP) and use your port forwarding to direct the requests to the correct server. Please double-check if UPnP is activated on your router.

8.FYI: If you want to check your connection with the database, you can send a command through a browser to your webserver, e.g.:* This command returns all clients in the database.

9.Now your SyncServer service is installed. Now you can configure your SyncServer settings in Xpert-Timer configuration, create a sync license and start synchronizing through the web.

10. Thus, the SyncServer service is installed. Now please read the chapter "Synchronization with Android".