Timestamp - edit

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Timestamp - edit

This dialog allows you (if you have the right to "Edit project times") to correct your previously recorded project times or to add an extended comment.

To do this, right-click on a timestamp in the timestamp list and select "Edit timestamp" in the menu. You can also edit your timestamps in the project properties under the tab "Timestamp".


Select the project for which you would like to create an addendum. In addition, you can also assign this timestamp to a task.

Enter the appropriate times "From" and "To" to set and calculate the new time period. If you would like to sign a break in the timestamp, you can enter the duration of the break here. Enter, e.g. 20m for 20 minutes, or 1h for 1 hour.

A meaningful comment will help you later on the overview of your times.

hand_point2 Hint

The Xpert-Timer has an intelligent fast detection. 20m he understands as 20 minutes, 0.5h as half an hour or you use the traditional format 2:20 as two hours, 20 minutes.