All about timestamps

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All about timestamps

You can optionally display your timestamps in the Project Manager. In the project manager, click on the menu item "Display areas" and select "Times on / off".


The timestamps then appear in a list, by default under your project list in the Project Manager.


Your timestamp list also offers the option of displaying a chart. The chart data is always displayed based on the selected grouping of your timestamps. The example grouped by project, so the graph is based on projects.


By right-clicking on the graphic, you can enlarge, print, save or even copy the view to the clipboard for use in another program. These options are also available as buttons on the right side of the graph if you are not working with the context menu.



You can also display comment fields in the timestamp list in several lines. To do this, right-click on a "from / to" time and select "Break comment column".


Long comments are now displayed with a line break.


If the timestamp list is collapsed, unfold it using the small arrow on the right.


The narrow green bars to the left of the timestamp show the relationships between the end time of the last stamp and the start of the new stamp. If there are no gaps in the timestamps, a solid green bar appears. If there are gaps, then there is no green bar next to the time stamp.

You can edit the comment for the timestamp directly in the project manager. You no longer need to open the timestamp. Highlight the timestamp with the mouse and press F2 to enter the comment.

You can display multi-line comments by right-clicking on the timestamp using the function "Wrap comment column".


With Ctrl + C you can copy a comment and paste it into another timestamp via Ctrl + V.

You can also insert text modules by right-clicking on the comment area:


If you would like to enter the text in several comment fields at the same time, mark the time stamp with the mouse and select the desired action by right-clicking:


Right-click on a timestamp to get the following menu:


Here you can edit the time stamps later.

If you want to combine multiple timestamps or split a timestamp, you can do this here as well. Please note that the timestamps you want to group all belong to the same project and must be contiguous with the time. When splitting the timestamp, you can specify the time at which the stamp is to be split.

If necessary, you can change the status of the timestamp. If you want a timestamp, e.g. do not charge, then change the status here to "not billable".

You can also change the font size or button size as well as the display of your time bar in the configuration.



You can add comments to the timestamp of a running project. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut Win + F4 or select "Edit active time" in the context menu.


You can also change the font size or button size as well as the display of your time bar in the configuration.


Intelligent quick entry

Be sure to read the chapter "Intelligent Fast Entry" for timestamp creation.


Save timestamp view

After you've grouped and filtered all the data you need, you can save that view. Thus, you can return to your filtered view with a mouse click. To do this, select the option "View" -> "Save as" in your timestamp view and assign a descriptive name.


The view is saved as "employee times per week".


To display the data again, simply click on View and it will be shown below.


With a right-click in the menu area of the timestamp list as well as the task list and the services, you can choose whether you want to see the saved views.


Timestamp list in separate window

With the menu item "View", you can also display your timestamp list in a separate window if required. This allows you to better represent large amounts of data.


Print timestamp list

You can show or hide columns in your project list for your report. Click on a column with the right mouse button.