Call log

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Call log

Point to "Windows" -> Call log in order to see a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls.


The list is self explainable we assume...


If you right click on an entry you can create a timestamp for the call in case it wasn't created automatically. Multiple other functions are available if your right click.


Grouping and filter options:


You can group your phone log by:

- Type (Incoming / Outgoing)

- Client

- Contact

- Project

or - User.

The filter option is only available for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Use the date filter to filter for a certain date range.

If you use the button "View", you can save your filter and grouping settings for future use.

Search bar in your call log:


Throughout Xpert-Timer you can search for date using the search bar. In your call log, there's also one available.