Project favorites

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Project favorites

With the menu item "Window" -> "Favorites" you can create a favorites list of your projects.



In the beginning the favorites are empty


Via Drag and drop you can put the projects you use most frequently into this list of favorites. The projects are not removed from the project manager.


Clicking on a project immediately starts the time tracking and starts the project in the time bar. This allows you to switch between your projects even faster.


Right-clicking on a list entry gives you a context menu with self-explanatory functions. In the "Display" sub-item, for example, you can only display the icons (project types) of your projects.  


This setting reduces the size of your favorites list by eliminating the text, so that you can display them on your desktop without space problems.


On the time bar you will also find a button of your favorites. If you click here, you will receive a list of the projects in your favorites list: