Booking archive

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Booking archive

The journal archive summarizes billing-relevant timestamps and services of a certain period into a read-only archive. So if you change the prices in the company at the turn of the year, you can fix the prices of the previous year's time stamps. In the evaluation, you can then use appropriate filters to access the archived times and evaluate them.

The booking archive can be found in the menu item "Windows" -> Booking Archive.




To create a new booking archive, click on the green plus in the dialog.



Enter a time period of the timestamps to archive and an archive name and press "Archive".


You will then receive feedback on how many timestamps and services have been archived for the period.


If you have accidentally selected a wrong time period in your booking archive, delete the whole archive again. This will also reset all entries to their original state. After deleting, you can create the journal archive again.



By double-clicking on the newly created booking archive you can see that the tabs "Individual times", "Benefits", "Totaling" and "Profit / loss" are also active. This allows you to see the committed timestamps.



Booking archive in the reporting

In the evaluation dialog you will find a filter for the booking archive. There you can choose which timestamps you would like to see displayed in the reporting.

Here you can, for example, Check if all timestamps of a certain period have been committed.

You can also select a specific accounting archive you have created for evaluation.


The prices from the booking archive are also displayed in the timestamp list. If a price is calculated from the archive, you can see this on the display (BA) for the booking archive in the "Pr./unit" column in the timestamp list.