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User login



Attention: We deliver an administrative user with Xpert-Timer. This user should be only used to create the database and to service the database. Don't use this user to track times, as his access rights are limited.

The standard user is XTADMIN and the standard password is also xtadmin. Please change the password, to make sure no unauthorized person accesses the database.


In XTAdmin.exe you can choose to use a Login dialog to log into Xpert-Timer system, or use the integrated Windows login system.

If you are using the login dialog, multiple users can log into Xpert-Timer system on one computer, while only one user is logged in using the Windows integrated login system.

Spaces in the user name are not allowed.

hand_point2HINT: You can also use your personnel number to log into the system.


In XTAdmin, you can set the log-in dialog in the "Settings" area throughout the company:



Alternatively, you can also pass a command line parameter in the properties of the link so that only certain users of the Xpert-Timer receive the login dialog. Right-click on the shortcut on the desktop, select Properties -> Shortcut and write behind the target path: /login dialog

By double-clicking on the link, the login dialog opens automatically.