Areas of application and Xpert-Timer versions

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Areas of application and Xpert-Timer versions

Here are some branches of industry that use Xpert-Timer in the versions Basic, Pro and Mobile:

Engineers: To keep track of working hours on team projects.

IT-Service Providers: Usually they work per hours, so Xpert-Timer helps documenting every minute worked.

Enterprises: For internal cost calculation.

Garages: To document exactly what's been worked on.

Journalists/Writers: To keep track of working time.

Insurances: For internal cost calculation.

Consultants / Business Consultant:: For the documentation and billing of activities.

Authorities: For internal cost calculation.

...and many more....


Xpert-Timer is available in different versions, so you can choose the version and modules that fit best to your business.  


Xpert-Timer Basic:

This is the single-user version of Xpert-Timer. It's slimmed down a bit and does not include the client management, billing module, document management and reimbursable expenses. The Basic version is intended for users who only want to document their work time on different projects / assignments. Xpert-Timer Basic is delivered with a MS-Access database. It can also be used with a MySQL or MS-SQL database. The free Express version of MS-SQL is fine, too.

Xpert-Timer Basic cannot be used in a network.


Xpert-Timer Pro:

You can use this version of Xpert-Timer either in single-user version (Basic / Pro) or in multi-user version (Pro). It is our best-selling version and is used in many business areas. Some companies use Xpert-Timer Pro to provide hourly service to their customers, others use it for internal service entry. The areas of application are varied.

Xpert-Timer Pro should be used in multi-user mode with an MS-SQL or MySQL database. The free express version is sufficient. Alternatively, an MS-Access database is included.

The data is recorded with a direct connection to the central company database. If this connection is not always possible, you can record the data locally on your computer and then synchronize it with the central database via the synchronization module. (fee-based additional module).

This keeps all the data safe in your company.

If you want to access the data from multiple locations, you can do so either through a terminal server or through a hosted or shared MySQL or MS-SQL database.


Xpert-Timer Mobile:

Xpert-Timer Mobile works on any mobile device with Android operating system version 5.x and younger. This version is a slimmed-down version of Xpert-Timer Pro, with customer, project and subproject levels. The mobile version can be used as standalone or it can exchange data with the central database via the XTSyncServer. Further details about Xpert-Timer mobile can be found on our website: