Add new rights group

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Add new rights group

You create new rights groups in the "Rights groups" tab in the employee administration or directly in the "Employee data". To control the access rights of your employees, you should create several rights groups. To do this, click on "New rights group" and assign a meaningful name. In the example, we create the group "Department Management".





Then expand the newly created rights group in the employee administration and check the rights that this group should receive.


You will then see the rights assigned here in the employee data under the "Rights groups" tab in the "Assigned rights" area.



To keep track of your rights groups, you can filter rights by rights group and options available in the sub menu.



Each individual right is subordinate to a rights category. In our example, you see "Create, edit and delete project type" under the category "Project types". If you want to assign all rights to the category "Project types" all at once, it is sufficient to check the "Project types" check box.

Inverted rights, such as "Anonymize employees" are displayed in red.




Please note that the rights group "All Rights" can not be edited. This always includes all rights that will be added to the Xpert-Timer over time.

It's best to always create your own permission group and take the time to assign the rights.

To assign your employees to the appropriate rights groups, switch to "Employee Assignment". This opens a window with your employees. You can now drag the respective employee with the mouse button to the appropriate rights group.