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Start when booting Windows

Declare whether the Xpert-Timer is to be called automatically when the Windows system is started.

open Project Manager at start up

Open the project manager automatically when starting the PC.

Open client manager at start up

Automatically open your customer management as soon as the Xpert-Timer starts.

Open task management at start up

Automatically open your task management as soon as the Xpert-Timer starts.

Show program icon in the info area

Next to your Windows time, on the bottom right of the screen, the small program icons appear. The Xpert-Timer is a small clock.

Activate last project at start up

The last used project is recalled when the Xpert-Timer is started.

Show logo in the head of the project manager

To save space, you can hide the colored Xpert-Timer bar in your Project Manager.

Show product logo at start up

The Xpert-Timer logo will be displayed at start up.

Print without print dialog

To simplify printing, you can simply skip the Print dialog.

Lock job at break

Lock computer automatically when the pause function of the Xpert-Timer is called.

Icon flashes when project is running

The green arrow, which symbolizes in the project manager which project is running, flashes if you activate this option.

Keep windows on the screen

The window is always displayed in the visible area.

The time bar




Set the type, size and color of the character set


The time window can be displayed translucently. This will allow you to continue to see what is behind the window.

Show as taskbar

If you want to optimally integrate the Xpert-Timer into the system, then show it as a taskbar. This will shrink your desktop by a few pixels, but you will not have any problems with overlapping windows that you can no longer reach with the "flying" Xpert-Timer windows.

Automatic docking at the edge of the screen / middle

If you activate this option, your time bar will always be displayed automatically in the middle of your desktop.

Bring to the front with mouse contact

This option is active if you have the time bar as a taskbar. As soon as you move the mouse over the time bar, it becomes "active" and you can click on the buttons there directly.

Automatic hiding of the windows with Ctrl + mouse contact

Sometimes the windows of the Xpert-Timer are so inconvenient that you do not see your dialogues behind them. Hold down the Ctrl key and move your mouse over the time bar, then disappear the dialogues for 5 seconds and then reset themselves automatically ago.

Soft fading in/out

If you would like to fade in and fade out your time bar, please check this box.


Choose between different representations of the time bar.

Double click

Choose what happens when you double-click a project in the Project Manager.

Button size

If you also use the Xpert-Timer with a touchscreen, you can change the button sizes here.



Choose which buttons are visible on your time bar. You can also show or hide the buttons by right-clicking on your time bar.


Character set for list views

If the character set in the lists is too small for you, you can adjust the size of the font here.

user interface

You can choose from the classic view with colorful buttons and the modern view with simple buttons.