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Update check at the start

Stay up-to-date on the Xpert-Timer and select the automatic update check when starting the program as well as the desired check interval. Once a month should be enough

You can check for the following updates:

on feature enhancements: These are new features in the Xpert-Timer. Not about bug fixes.

Bug fixes and feature enhancements: Get an update notification when we've fixed bugs or added new features to the program.

also on beta versions: If you are interested in beta versions, you can check here if new beta versions are available. Keep in mind that beta versions should not be used in the real system, as we can not guarantee the stability of the software.

Background recalculation of the project times

Unpredictable circumstances can cause the final total of a project to be different from the sum of the timestamps. The automatic background recalculation calculates the totals daily at a fixed time of your choosing. This option should only be set by a single employee in the company and will only be executed if that employee's Xpert-Timer is also running at that time.

Assign project number automatically

Xpert-Timer can assign numerical project numbers automatically. This only works if numeric numbers have been assigned from the beginning.

Check security code before deleting customers and projects

In order to avoid accidentally deleting a project, you can additionally request a security code before deleting it. The employee must then enter the specified number manually to actually delete the project or customer.


Allow supplements

You can restrict employees to retrospectively add supplements only up to a certain number of days. If this period is exceeded, the option of the addendum for the time stamp is blocked.

Allow changing times

Indicate whether employees are allowed to change times or limit how many days this should be possible retrospectively.

Corporate currency

This is the currency used to calculate the internal costs.

Billing rate for new projects

Select the billing record for new projects, e.g. own billing record, last used billing record, from main project, from employee or from the price list.

Show error log file


The error log file may contain helpful information in case of a program crash for the reproduction of errors.

Database consistency check

Unpredictable circumstances may cause some records in the database to contain duplicate or invalid values. The consistency check finds and removes these records.

Match project times

The project manager does not always update the overall view automatically. In the case of system crashes, for example, recorded times may not appear in the grand total. Before you create reports from the project list in the project manager, we recommend to compare the project times once.