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Do you work with different billing rates per customer, project or employee in your company? You can now implement this requirement via the price lists.

Change to the "Prices" area in the configuration. Here you can see the subdivision into the two tabs "Price lists" and "Price groups".


In the "Price lists" tab you will see a list of the already created price lists. The standard price list selected via the price lists is effective if you do not select a different price list from the customer or from the project. Price lists can have a validity period. This means that if you increase your prices every year, for example, you can change the price list, for example. over the term of 1.3.2018 - 1.3.2019. From 1.3.2019 then the next price list with the increased prices.



Before you create a new price list, check in the "Price Groups" tab whether the supplied price groups are sufficient for you. You use the price groups to name your different billing rates. These created price groups are available to you later when setting up the price list in the billing records.


To create a new price list, click on the green plus "New price list". Define the validity date in the "Details" tab. The end date of validity is not mandatory.

Any discount selected will apply to all billing records.

Then choose the currency of your price list, for example, if you have customers abroad and, if necessary, give a brief description of the price list.



Then switch to the tab "Billing records". Here you choose from the existing price groups and assign the corresponding billing rates:


After choosing a price group, you can enter the price per unit and all other entries directly in the displayed list.


In the last step of the configuration, enter the appropriate validity period in the tab "Daily / Time-Dependent Rates". You can use it to determine exactly when the prices of your new price list should apply. So you can, for example, special surcharges for overtime, weekend work or holidays. Use the factor.


All created price lists are now available as a selection both at the customer and in every project.

In the customer data you will find the price list in the "Additional" tab.


In the project properties, you will find the selection of the price list in the "Billing" tab.




Finally, you now assign each employee the appropriate price group in the employee administration.

You can then create the price group in the "Employee" tab by double-clicking on the corresponding employee in the employee administration.



When you start a timestamp, Xpert-Timer first checks whether a special price list has been stored in the corresponding project. If none has been selected, then Xpert-Timer will check if there is a price list for the respective customer. If not, then Xpert-Timer chooses the standard price list you set as the basis for calculating the prices.

Timestamps and their billing records can be changed afterwards. So, if you are working on a different set of billing records for another project, simply convert the billing records in the timestamp list. You can mark several time stamps with the mouse and then change the billing rate by right-clicking.

Please also read the chapter "Timestamp" -> Price lists and billing records