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If you would like to collect services anonymously in order to restructure your company or redistribute work spaces, you can use the anonymization mode of the Xpert-Timer. Your employees will not see any real data in the system. Employees can track their times without anyone in the organization being able to match these recorded times.

The evaluation of the projects is therefore anonymous. An assignment of the recorded times is not possible. Especially for the reorganization and the recording of work processes in the area of ​​the capacity management, the usage of the Xpert-Timer is therefore ideal.

The setting of the visibilities is regulated by the "User management" under the tab "Rights groups". Make sure that the appropriate employees do not have the right to change these rights settings. Then check the box next to "Anonymize Usernames".



Coworkers will see the projects on which they should book the times, but no timestamps and employee names: